A Clinical stage pharmaceutical company developing novel therapeutics for neurodegenerative disorders such as spinal cord injury and ischemic stroke

Spinal cord Injury represents a large unmet medical need with approximately 1.2M new cases per year resulting mainly from motor vehicle accidents, falls and water related accidents. Currently available treatments only offer symptomatic relief but do not target the underlying pathophysiologic changes. The spinal cord injury market is predicted to reach US$3B by 2025

Stroke is caused by disruption of blood flow in blood vessels leading to and within the brain. There are more than 800K newly diagnosed stroke patients each year in US, with a worldwide incidence >10M. The only approved therapy for ischemic stroke is tPA (tissue plasminogen activator), which reduces damage by breaking down clots and restoring blood flow. However, tPA is only ~5% of stroke patients due to toxicities and restrictive treatment window. The stroke market is estimated to grow to $10B by 2032.